Clinical Services Update

Thank you for your interest in EMPOWER. Beginning March 16, 2020 all clinical services previously provided by EMPOWER Centers, will be provided by Flourish Psychology, LLC.  There will be no changes in providers, pricing, location or services.

Beginning February 20, 2020, newly referred clients will be offered services through Flourish Psychology, LLC.  Information about clinical services is available at . In addition, your clinician will provide you with information about the client portal, statements and records, as well as address any questions you have about this transition.

We look forward to continuing to serve you!



To EMPOWER families to achieve and maintain wellness by embracing family-focused, strengths-based, collaborative, behavioral health strategies of the highest caliber.


EMPOWER is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of its operations. Its evaluations and treatment programs derive from the most robust evidence base. All services, trainings and consultations are provided by collaborative, multidisciplinary teams, following standardized, cutting-edge protocols. EMPOWER is staffed by licensed, highly experienced, child and adolescent behavioral health specialists with outstanding skills, qualities and credentials.

EMPOWER offers trainings to community provider groups on the treatment protocols utilized at our centers, along with consultations to healthcare organizations regarding program development and operations. Through charitable donations and grant funding, EMPOWER has been able to offer services to improve access, quality and dissemination of best practice family behavioral health services across Colorado and beyond.


The values upheld by EMPOWER include the following:

Family Wellness, Family Centered, Strengths Based, Empowerment, Evidence Based, Best Practice, Customization, Quality Assurance, Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary, Collaborative, Standardized, Coordination of Care, Continuity of Care, Accountability, Outcome Assessment, Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Early & Primary Intervention, Prevention, Population Health, Dissemination