Why Choose EMPOWER Centers?

Our treatment philosophy is based on our commitment to intervening with whole families. All of our programs are designed to treat not just the individual youngster, but parents and siblings as well. In addition, all of our interventions include skills-building and are strengths-based, meaning that our psychotherapies strive to build on existing strengths and enhance psychosocial skills throughout families. In a nutshell, our approaches derive from the overarching goal of family empowerment.

At EMPOWER Centers, we are committed to providing only evidence-based, standardized, best practice assessments and treatments. All of our programs have been validated by research and outcome data. All of our clinicians have advanced degrees and extensive training and experience. Many have contributed substantially to field advancements and are regionally and nationally renowned for their achievements and expertise. Our programs are multidisciplinary and collaborative in nature, implemented by providers from varied disciplines including licensed clinical social work, child psychology and child psychiatry, to ensure that all evaluation and treatment needs are optimally fulfilled.

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