As a Non-Profit {501 (3) (c)} Organization, EMPOWER is committed to maintaining reasonable & fair rates (median market), while consistently offering only the highest caliber services. To maintain reasonable rates, EMPOWER was designed to keep overhead costs to an absolute minimum.  Creating & maintaining the expensive staffing and technological infrastructure required to support insurance contracting & billing would result in an approximately 4-fold increase in overhead costs.


Routing all billing through third party payers would result in inconsistent & unreliable reimbursements, with an estimated overall reduction in collections of 40-60%.

So that EMPOWER can maintain reasonable rates, while consistently providing only the highest caliber care, reimbursements are collected on a fee-for-service or cash basis.  The center provides families with all the information necessary to submit claims to insurance on their own behalf, including rendering and documenting services in strict accordance with requirements imposed by the Federal Government Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).