Wine, Smear & Learn

Pediatric Training Series

Tips & Tools for Common Mental Health Challenges

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This Wine, Smear & Learn Series is Jointly Sponsored by:

Morning & Evening Session Info:

  • Morning trainings will cost $5.00 per person to cover cost of continental breakfast, handouts (Fresh Gourmet Bagels, Flavored Smears, Hot Coffee & Tea).
  • Evening trainings will cost $25.00 per person to cover the cost of catering, wine, handouts (Gourmet Hot Tapas, Wine Selection).


Out of stock! Morning Session | Thurs 18 Feb 2016, 7-830 am $5.00
Out of stock! Evening Session | Thurs 7 April 2016, 6-730 pm $25.00 Medication Algorithm for Depression
9 available
Morning Session | Thurs 2 Jun 2016, 7-830 am $5.00 Medication Algorithm for Anxiety
8 available
Evening Session | Thurs 4 Aug 2016, 6-730 pm $25.00 Explosive, Defiant Preschoolers
10 available
Morning Session | Thurs 6 Oct 2016, 7-830 am $5.00 School Refusing Kids & Teens
5 available
Evening Session | Thurs 1 Dec 2016, 6-730 pm $25.00 Moody, Snarky, Defiant Teens